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Hair Removal For Her

Eyebrow Shaping                         $10-$15
Upper Lip                                     $6
Chin                                             $10+
Cheeks                                         $15+
Face                                             $30+
Under Arm                                   $20+
Half Arm                                       $30+
Full Arm                                       $40+
Abdominal                                    $30+
Bikini                                            $35+
*Half Brazilian                               $45+
*Full Brazilian                                $65+
Half Leg                                        $35+
Full Leg                                         $60+

*Half Brazilian Wax:
Half Brazilian waxes prefer not to be totally bare and leaving a strip of hair up front – the so-called landing strip.

*Full Brazilian Wax:
A full Brazilian wax is different. So what is a Brazilian wax? It is the removal or epilation of pubic hair in the entire pubic area or region using wax. Doing so will literally leave your pubic area hairless.

Hair Removal For Him

Eyebrow Shaping                       $10-$15
Neck                                             $18+
Shoulder                                      $25+
Abdominal                                   $35+
Back                                             $65+
Chest                                            $35+

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An ancient method, one of the few temporary methods still commonly performed professionally.
Hot wax is applied to the skin, and a strip of cloth is pressed into the preparation.
The strip is then quickly pulled away, taking hair with it.
Fast, Inexpensive Technique.

Listed below are the various current treatments offered from 4Ever Nails & Salon.

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